Conferences, seminars, meditations, yoga, hot yoga, dance and sport camps


For meditations we have an 80 m2 hall for up to 25 people for shavasana (lie-down meditation) or up to 60 people for sit-down meditation. We have also audio-connected additional rooms if necessary.


Conferences, seminars, training courses

Room 1: 80m2 for 60 people in a theatre setting or for 40 people in a class-room setting. We can provide microphones and speakers, flipchart as well as a projection screen.

Room 2: 70m2 with projection facilities, home cinema for 60 people in a theatre setting.

Room 3: 50m2 for individual or club seating with drawing board.

Room 4: Relaxation lounge with couches.


Yoga, dancing, sport

For yoga and dance you can use 2 halls (80m2 and 50m2). In winter, we have a room where you can perform hot-yoga at 42 degrees. We have also further rooms that we can arrange to your needs.

We have an out-door volleyball/badminton court and small football field.
We have also a small in-door pool. We have our own small 300 meters long slope with a trail, ideal for beginner ski-lessons.


Firm parties, receptions

We will arrange any event according to your needs.