Our hotel is located at the top of the mountains, we are not in a town center!




  • It is possible to arrive directly at the hotel by car through Dolní Dvůr.
  • The voucher you receive in email serves as a permit to enter the National park area (KRNAP). Please print out the permit in order to prevent confrontations with employees of the National Park!



How to reach us by car from Dolní Dvůr:

  1. From any direction (Vrchlabí. Dvůr Králové, Trutnov, Liberec or Poland) you need to reach the roundabout in Lánov village.
  2. In Lánov take the roundabout exit to Dolní Dvůr.
  3. Continue 4 km straight to Dolní Dvůr until you reach a post office and a small church with yellow tower.
  4. In front of the church turn right and then continue straight 2 km. You will leave the village and then reach a red gate of the national park.
  5. Continue past the red gate to a small bridge. After crossing the bridge turn right and then continue 8 km uphill over 3 more bridges until you reach a T-shape crossroad.
  6. Turn left into a steep hill and go 500 meters until you reach Tetřeví Boudy on your left.

 Map of the road to our hotel from Dolní Dvůr

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