Tetřeví Boudy has a long history. Originally, there were three wooden huts in the meadow enclave. These were built in the 18th century by German settlers. One was used for tourists and visitors to the mountains, the other for private living and the third for housing cows, horses and sheep.

After the expulsion of German settlers in 1945, the huts became a resting place for employees of state and national companies. Mrs. Svobodová and her husband, originally from Dolní Dvůr, took care of the operation of Tetřeví Boudy.

In 1976, the middle wooden hut was demolished and the construction of today's modern-looking Tetřeví Boudy bega. It is a project from Ing. Arch. Doležel with a reinforced concrete skeleton. The first two buildings A and B were built in 1980. The other two buildings were completed in 1989 and approved before the winter season. The owner and builder were Králodvorské železárny, which the modern Tetřeví Boudy built for the recreation of its employees. One time the upper hut burned down at the time of the construction of the Tetřeví Boudy and the lower hut was demolished.

Simultaneously with the construction of Tetřevích Boudy, a gas pipeline began to be built in the direction from Černý Důl, which continues to Pec pod Sněžkou. In the 1980s, the entire village of Pec pod Sněžkou, thanks to the construction of Tetřeví Boudy, was connected to the gas.

In 1994-96, the huts were closed. After the closure and collapse of the Králodvorské železárny, the huts fell into private hands. Schools and groups of tourists used to go to Tetřeví Boudy for recreation. Company Hlušec kept the sheds in working order but they were slowly and surely falling into disrepair. Eventually they had become vacant. Since the autumn of 2013, the huts have been closed again. In May 2014, Tetřeví Boudy was purchased by current owner Green Garden, s.r.o.

In the summer of 2014, house C and the kitchen were fully renovated. In 2015, house A, heating system and common rooms in house B were renovated. In 2016, a new reception, bar, and space for breakfast and dinner buffet were built. In 2017, building D was renovated, where there are two private saunas, guest rooms and staff. Now all rooms are renovated in superior quality. Since 2017, a new main entrance, a lounge with a fireplace and a new wellness area with a whirlpool, a swimming pool, a dry sauna and a steam bath have been added.

The hotel is gradually renovated and finished every year so that you can enjoy a pleasant holiday with us in a beautiful environment and facilities!

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