Tetřeví Boudy have a rich history. Originally there were three wooden cottages built in the 18th century by old german settlers. One served for tourists, second for private living and last served as barn for cows, sheep and horses.

After the forced resettlement of german residents in 1945 the buildings became a recreation spot for employees of Czech state and national firms. The accommodation was run by a married couple, originally from Dolní Dvůr.

In 1976 the middle cottage was demolished. In its place the new modern looking buildings were built. They were designed by architect Doležal with reinforced concrete foundations. First two buildings A and B were finished in 1980. Additional two buildings were built and approved in winter of 1989. At that time the owner was an ironwork factory from Králův Dvůr. They built the hotel for recreational purposes of their employees.

The original upper cottage burned down during the new constructions. The lower cottage was demolished later.

Tetřeví Boudy required natural gas pipeline connection which was being constructed from Černý Důl during the 1980s. Thanks to the gas link of Tetřeví Boudy to the pipeline the rest of nearby villages and cities were able to receive full gas installation as well.

During 1994 to 1996 Tetřeví Boudy were closed. After the collapse of the ironwork factory the buildings were bought by private entrepreneurs. Tetřeví Boudy then mainly served for accommodation of school trips and large tourist groups. Hlušec company at that time kept the buildings operational but without any proper maintenance. Slowly the buildings wasted away until May 2014 when the Tetřeví Boudy were purchased by Green Garden company.

New owners had to reconnect electricity and fill the water pipeline system. However shortly after it became apparent that Tetřeví Boudy were uninhabitable without any option of operating the buildings. Pipeline was severely damaged, electric grid was in an extremely poor condition. Full  gradual reconstruction was necessary.

In summer 2014 the kitchen in building B was built and building C fully reconstructed. In 2015 renovation of building A as well as full new heating was finished together with several rooms in building B. In 2016 new reception and a buffet area at the restaurant were constructed. Space for swimming pool and saunas was also torn down in order to prepare project for new wellness area. In 2017 reconstruction of building D including two new saunas and rooms for both guests and employees was finished.

In 2018 it is planned to build new swimming pool with jacuzzi, sauna, lounge, new entrance with better facilities for ski as well as an elevator to the basement and new entrance to the garden. An additional seating lounge should also be added.

In the future Tetřeví Boudy will serve for tourists and groups that wish to enrich their personal mind, body and spirit development.

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